Press_Release_2016_1My Lean Living will change your life …without disrupting it.  My site is a real program, for real people who have real jobs, real schedules, real families…but still want real results.

The Lean Living plan isn’t difficult…. there will be no more crash dieting, fake food, diet pills, or wasting time at weight loss meetings. With my favorite recipes, you’ll feel like you’re eating your favorite foods, and you’ll never feel like your starving again.

My approach to fitness is sensible and painless –you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a marathon runner to see results…. or spend countless--endless hours at the gym….just 8 minutes a day to your perfect body.

My Daily Victory videos only take a few minutes to watch. I’m giving you my weight loss and fitness strategies which l’ve implemented for the past 30 years. These short videos give you your blueprint for success.  I take you from the grocery store -into the kitchen –and to the dinner table –this IS your action plan.

Lean Living will inspire and motivate you in a way that will allow you to finally take control of your lifestyle, your health, your figure, your attractiveness… and your well being -once and for all.

Follow my tried and true strategies for a healthy lifestyle. I’ll be with you every step of the way –to ensure your success !!

Jaime Brenkus


Hi I’m Jaime Brenkus, You know me as the 8 Minute Abs guy. Over the last 30 years, I've had the pleasure of helping millions of people - lose millions of pounds and inches. I want to welcome you to my site.

My site is like having your own personal trainer and personal chef coming right into your home on a daily basis. This is not about quick fixes or ineffective fad diets or spending hours a day in a gym -- I’m going to lead you from the grocery store –to your kitchen- to the dinner table and spending just 8 minutes of fitness with me every day in the convenience of your own home.

Allow me to be your personal trainer. Allow me to give you all of my strategies for success. You have to put your trust into someone --give me the opportunity to earn your trust and I’ll show you what millions of people already know.

Lets face it –we all live hurried, hectic lifestyles. When I created the workouts for the

8 Minute Abs series in 1995 –TIME was the biggest reason why the program was so successful.  Not a lot has changed in 2015 –we’re still extra busy –BUT, now I can tell you that your BEST piece of fitness equipment…. is your fork and spoon.  That’s right –we can do plenty of damage with those two weapons of mass expansion….can’t we ?

And I know its very confusing by all of the options available--  and all the myths surrounding eating-like having to count calories, or wondering what fad diet is it this week –low fat, no fat-high protein, low protein, no protein and then depriving  yourself of the food you want to eat –that’s now what I do.  I’ll guide you with effective exercise and lifestyle habits that produce long term results. I’m going to show you how to get lean …AND  how to stay lean…. Forever.

I’ve found the formula that works every time ---even if you’ve failed in the past.

Its all about habits  -- eating, cooking, shopping, fitness-- and even more importantly… thinking habits.  Yes –you’ll succeed with me because I have a realistic plan to help educate you on MEALS, MOVEMENT and your MIND.

Having me as your personal trainer --- is going to jump start your program which will melt off your excess fat… Get you a defined, slimmer, trimmer, tighter waistline…I will shape you with sleek, defined shoulders and arms…really sexy legs and a firmer, rounded, uplifted butt. My program will increase the quality of your life…and make you feel super confident about your body …and looking great in your jeans again.

This is not just another diet, or workout video, this is a lean lifestyle.

I’ll give you all the tools and education to live a lean life…. for good. But you don't have to do it alone. All of my members can go one-on-one with me or my expert coaches. Yes –it’s an 80/20 % with our relationship with food. If you can eat healthy 80% of the time –you will win the game …at losing. Our Chef will guarantee that your whole family will enjoy scrumptious meals, and still control their calories. Our Chef makes healthy recipes-- to your usual family favorites. These recipes are tasty...and healthy. There are low calorie versions for Breakfast favorites, fast and nutritious Lunches, and mouth watering, Dinner choices.

My team of trainers and I will help you reach your goals without hype, and exaggerated promises. We’re your partners in reaching your goals.

As a member, we can match you with a live fit coach that you can have access to weekly, one-on-one emails or phone calls to discuss your progress and any challenges you may be encountering. My trainers will help you achieve lasting results by personalizing a fitness or diet plan for your specific needs.

Yes--My fitness and nutrition experts will help educate and motivate you—BUT --the accountability of having someone that cares about your success ---is priceless.

The heart of the program is that you will have with 24/7 access to my personal library of exercise, nutrition and weight loss videos to give you the optimum the least amount of time.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy, or change your body ….you will find a plenty of strategies inside my site. This is a real program--for real people -who have real schedules, real families, real jobs --but still want real results.

I practice what I preach ---I'm 54 years old --with under 10 % body fat. I live a lean lifestyle–and I know what works ….and what doesn’t ---so put your trust in me ---to help you reach your goals.

Remember, success in life is not about a matter of inches and pounds--- its when you start taking your first steps towards a reachable goal –AND If your goal this year is to get in the best shape of your life --then you need to join me …today.

We’ll make this journey together. I’ll be with you every step of the way ---to ensure your success.

Learn it…. live it….. lose'll love it !!

I’ll see you on the inside!


Our chef will teach you helpful hints on the art of cooking. Now, the whole family can enjoy these delectable meals and still control their calories as our special recipes are a healthy take on your usual family favorites.

These recipes are tasty and healthy ... we’ve included low-calorie versions for breakfast favorites, fast and nutritious lunches, and mouth-watering dinners and desserts. Easy and delicious -these light and healthy dishes taste great …….and they’re easy enough for the busiest people to prepare.

We’ve put together a collection of meal solutions for those of us who love food-- and want to eat well… but, struggle to make it happen --given life's hectic pace.

We show you Grab-and-go breakfasts for hectic days, as well as easy breakfast options for more leisurely mornings.

We give you fabulous meals you can whip up in less than thirty minutes. And gives you recipes for those days when you have a little more time to marinate or roast, but still want it all to be effortless.

For a happy, healthy ending to your dinner, indulge in one of our decadent desserts, some ready in minutes….. others truly worth waiting for…..all easily pulled together.

We bring you our favorite healthy alternatives no matter what delicacy you choose. These choices also ensure that you’re not substituting taste--- in your quest for a slimmer, trimmer, tighter body.

Daily Victory Videos

My Daily Victory videos only take a few minutes to watch. I’m giving you my weight loss and fitness strategies which l’ve implemented for the past 30 years in just minutes a day. These short videos give you your blueprint for success.  We take you from the grocery store -into the kitchen –and to the dinner table –this IS your action plan.

The process of change happens slowly. By doing a little bit each day-you can build on your successes. By starting with just one or two goals, you can easily ingrain a new habit into your life---- YOU WILL NOT FAIL. Failure is an impossibility when you can have DAILY VICTORIES. These little things that you can change TODAY –will change your life ---without turning your life upside down!!

My videos will excite you –ignite you –engage you –and empower you. Whether you’re a busy professional, trying to balance work AND  a personal life, OR if you’re an exhausted, overscheduled mom--- the days of the yo-yo diets, all or nothing exercise programs and intimidating gyms are in your rearview mirror.

Don’t look backward. But don’t look forward, either.  Here’s why: Each day represents a new 24-hour time clock.  By living today—the best you can—the healthy way--this gives you the positive motivation to make tomorrow even better.

Every 24 hours represents an opportunity to make it a Daily Victory. Visualize taking all of the steps with these videos and the joy of reaching your goal. After each video, you’ll be able to trace your thoughts –rethink them and REDO.

I ask you to reflect on each video and ask yourself “WHAT CAN I DO TODAY TO MAKE MY GOAL HAPPEN.” No goal is ever achieved until it finds its way into your daily thoughts and actions. Then it becomes a part of you.

I know this for sure --Lean people lead lean lives. It’s their habits which make them lean –cooking, shopping, eating, fitness and most importantly ---thinking habits. These videos will help you to think LEAN.

Learn it, live it, lose it…you’re going to love it.


As you know, I’ve helped millions of people get a slimmer trimmer tighter waistline with my 8 Minute Abs videos.  But, let’s face it –there are more body parts then just your abs.  With my daily definition videos, you’ll be receiving a new video every day –that’s right …every day we’ll be sending you an 8 minute video that concentrates on all of your trouble spots.

Having me as your personal trainer --- is going to jump start your program- which will melt off your excess fat… Get you defined Abs –AND, I’ll shape you with my special exercises that give you sleek, defined shoulders and arms…and really sexy legs…. and a firmer, rounded, uplifted butt---now, who doesn’t want that  ??

My Daily Definition videos allow you to build into the program –and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner –or very athletic --you can move at your own pace.

I have this down to a science-- combining resistance and constant movement in the same workout will yield the best long term, optimum results… in the shortest amount of time. This works so well --that my Fitness Fusion routines are Trademarked

When you receive your new video–Monday through Friday –I want you to jump right in and press PLAY.  It doesn’t do anyone any good if you just watch these videos ----that’s called EYE robics-----and that doesn’t burn calories sitting on a couch.

Look, I know that sometimes it’s very difficult to fit exercise into your daily life.  If you miss a day or two – DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. Just keep trying and do your best. I know that you’re busy, however, if you can fit me into your schedule a few minutes a day ---TOGETHER, we will produce some amazing results. Make an appointment with yourself –it’s your time –nobody else gets it.

I need YOU to get up and move. There’s 1440 minutes in a day –I’m only asking you to start by giving me 8 minutes of your time each day –you deserve it –and I’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your success.


As you know, there will be a few bumps on your road to success, that’s why we’re here for you. My trainers will be with you—you won’t have to do this alone.

This is about accountability.  If you have any questions or comments --within a 24 hour period –your trainer will contact you to make sure you’re on the right path.

Your very own trainer will help you achieve optimal levels of health, fitness, weight loss and give you a strong sense of self empowerment and self confidence.

My trainers support you and teach you the inner tools of transforming emotionally, mentally and physically to achieve life-changing results.

You and your trainer will work together to unlock the code for you to regain a positive relationship with food and begin creating the body and lifestyle you so richly deserve.

My E-trainers are your companions, confidantes and counsel in providing you with definitive proof of your progress and motivation to improve on a daily basis.

We know you have real schedules, real jobs, real families –but still want real results. This program helps you in the real world. You’re very important to us -and my trainers have a true passion to help you to success.  Our gentle encouraging --and firm approach -keeps you focused and consistent.

For many of us --starting a program is difficult. BUT, probably more difficult-- is sticking with it.  My plan works because your held accountable each week by reporting to your trainer. We keep you on track and give you weekly goals.

To succeed in anything, it’s necessary to know the rules and understand how to apply them. It’s necessary to engage in constructive thinking, study, learning and planning.

Study your lifestyle - apply our techniques and do them well enough that they become natural. Eating right, thinking lean and exercising should become second nature to you…it is NOW your lifestyle –you own it!

Lean Lessons

I know you’ve tried diet and weight loss plans out there before –and probably didn’t end up successful. Make no mistake, you didn’t fail- those other programs failed you.  I’m not going to let that happen.

I’ll be sending you my Lean Lessons. Your E-Trainers will discuss them periodically with you for additional help.

My Lessons will assist you in reversing unhealthy eating, exercise and lifestyle behaviors. Our numerous Lessons help you better manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding a healthy lifestyle, as well as manage your environment on a daily basis.

Most people's problem isn't finding what exercise or diet to follow; it's what makes you follow your exercise and diet! It’s the mindset and mental training that makes the difference between your short term and long term results that your body achieves!

These Lessons will help by implementing these mini changes daily.  You’ll be able to adjust to this change without major disruptions in your life.  This realistic approach is simple-and will focus on doing gentle movements each day, or by choosing a new healthy meal and creating a daily atmosphere of lean thinking.

Think L.E.A.N –Lifestyle –exercise –attitude and nutrition.

Lean Living CLUB

We live in a Social world –and for added support and fun –you’ll be automatically placed into our weekly blogs, twitter and facebook accounts. We’ll share with the universe- weight loss tips, our recipes, your recipes –tips on how to stay fit –new exercises. If it helps you succeed –it will be on line. This is your forum to open up with your peers –a great support group with like minded people –all with a common goal.

My program isn’t difficult, there will be no more crash dieting, fake food, diet pills, or wasting time at weight loss meetings. You’ll feel like you’re eating your favorite foods and you’ll never feel like your starving again.

Follow my tried and true strategies for a healthy lifestyle.  My approach to fitness is sensible and painless –you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a marathon runner to see results…. or spend countless--endless hours at the gym.

My program will inspire and motivate you in a way that will allow you to finally take control of your lifestyle, your health, your figure, your attractiveness… and your well being -once and for all.

In order to succeed, every exercise and everything you eat must be a pleasurable experience.  If you’re not having fun-- and not confident about what you’re doing –you’ll drop out ---and I won’t accept that. It’s my job to see that you succeed.

Anything in life worth achieving…. is worth the work. This isn’t about will power. It takes WANT power!! You’re going to have to WANT to be firmer, slimmer, healthier and stronger. You’ll have to WANT more energy, WANT more vitality and WANT more confidence in your life. Personal pride builds with each bout of exercise, healthy recipe or Daily Victory completed.

Are you ready to start believing it and saying it…I know that you are!!


Lets face it, everyone– including me –wants instant gratification—we want to see things happen today –not wait around to see results.  That’s why I created our Lean Body Express package.

You get all the rest of my program –like the fitness videos, your Etrainer, the recipes -- but this program will catapult you forward …because it produces results …NOW.

My 2 week Express plan SPRINGBOARDS your weight and inch loss forward --by controlling your calories through my patented portion control plate --and our scrumptious, meal replacement bars.

I give you two weeks worth of our Dietician Recommended Rise Bars that are specifically formulated with a unique combination of slow release carbs, proteins, and healthy dietary fats and fiber to provide the sustained energy and hunger satisfaction you’re looking for when you’re on-the-go …or have to skip-a-meal.

The Rise Bars are specially designed to release sugars from carbs more slowly

into the blood. Preventing a “spike and crash” in your blood sugar can help you manage your weight… and provide sustained energy.

My compartmentalized, Portion control plate will allow you to eat all your favorite meals without weighing, measuring or counting calories –if it fits in the plate …you’ll lose the weight.

The menus were designed by my registered dietician and give you the best chance for successful eating through calorie control–we’ll fill you up ---not out.

Whether you’d like to lose some weight, or lots of inches, or just tone up what you have, we all want the perfect body, right? But whatever the reason – too busy, too tired, working odd work hours –you name it -- there’s always something holding us back.

You want to transform your body –in a short period of time ---then the Lean Body Express is the way to go.

Its safe, effective, fun –but most importantly ---its FAST !