LEAN 'Express'

Lets Face it, everyone– including me –wants instant gratification—we want to see things happen today –not wait around to see results.  That’s why I created the 8 MINUTE Body Express package.

You get all the rest of my program –like the fitness videos, your etrainer, the recipes -- but this program will catapult you forward …because it produces results …NOW.

My 2 week express plan SPRINGBOARDS your weight and inch loss forward --by controlling your calories through my patented portion control plate --and our scrumptious, meal replacement bars.51AF7K9CM5L._SL500_AA300_

I give you two weeks worth of our Dietician Recommended Nutrition Bars that are specifically formulated with a unique combination of slow release carbs, proteins, and healthy dietary fats and fiber to provide the sustained energy and hunger satisfaction you’re looking for when you’re on-the-go …or have to skip-a-meal.

The Bars are specially designed to release sugars from carbs more slowly into the blood. Preventing a “spike and crash” in your blood sugar can help you manage your weight… and provide sustained energy.

My compartmentalized, Portion control plate will allow you to eat all your favorite meals without weighing, measuring or counting calories –if it fits in the plate …you’ll lose the weight.

The menus were designed by my registered dietician and give you the best chance for successful eating through calorie control–we’ll fill you up ---not out.

Whether you’d like to lose some weight, or lots of inches, or just tone up what you have, we all want the perfect body, right? But whatever the reason – too busy, too tired, working odd work hours –you name it -- there’s always something holding us back.

You want to transform your body –in a short period of time ---than the Express is the way to go.

Its safe, effective, fun –but most importantly ---its FAST !