I am dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier lives through proper nutrition and moderate forms of physical activity. It is time for a leader to fill Jack Lalane’s icon status as a Health/Fitness guru and branding a business empire around this positive, high profile image with an uncompromising commitment for excellence. I will produce, market and distribute an expanding line of high-quality, innovative, health, fitness, and consumer products. I will develop products and services that will fulfill my customers varied and changing needs. I will market to consumers through a variety of marketing channels, including the 30 minute TV show, highly effective infomercials, distributor alliances, and Internet e-commerce.

The Jaime Brenkus' LEAN LIVING show will mimic the Jack Lalane show broadcasted forty years ago. This show focused energies towards housewives – we will do the same-especially the ever-growing Baby Boomer generation who are now reaching their Golden years and are getting advice from their Doctors to get into shape and lose some weight.

The one change: Unlike Jack Lalane, who felt that you have to torture your body for your body to respond –my philosophy is the antithesis of Jack’s program; I will feature 8 minute exercise segments that will be fun and easy to do and focus on accumulation of training ( a little here, a little there ). The show will have at three product sponsors during the half hour. This will increase the revenue stream and build the branding effect. The audience will benefit by having their own Personal Trainer coming right into their living room – every day.

Makeover Club

We live in a Social world –and for added support and fun –you’ll be automatically placed into our weekly blogs, twitter and facebook accounts. We’ll share with the universe- weight loss tips, our recipes, your recipes –tips on how to stay fit –new exercises. If it helps you succeed –it will be on line. This is your forum to open up with your peers –a great support group with like minded people –all with a common goal.

My program isn’t difficult, there will be no more crash dieting, fake food, diet pills, or wasting time at weight loss meetings. You’ll feel like you’re eating your favorite foods and you’ll never feel like your starving again.

Follow my tried and true strategies for a healthy lifestyle.  My approach to fitness is sensible and painless –you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a marathon runner to see results…. or spend countless--endless hours at the gym.

My program will inspire and motivate you in a way that will allow you to finally take control of your lifestyle, your health, your figure, your attractiveness… and your well being -once and for all.

In order to succeed, every exercise and everything you eat must be a pleasurable experience.  If you’re not having fun-- and not confident about what you’re doing –you’ll drop out ---and I won’t accept that. It’s my job to see that you succeed.

Anything in life worth achieving…. is worth the work. This isn’t about will power. It takes WANT power!! You’re going to have to WANT to be firmer, slimmer, healthier and stronger. You’ll have to WANT more energy, WANT more vitality and WANT more confidence in your life. Personal pride builds with each bout of exercise, healthy recipe or Daily Victory completed.

Are you ready to start believing it and saying it…I know that you are!!


Learn it, live it, lose it…………….you'll love it !

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