Reasons The 8-Minute Abs Video Works - Posted by Jessica Oxford on Sunday, June 29th 2008

abs5 Reasons The 8-Minute Abs Video Works

First of all I just want to make clear that this is not a sales pitch. I’m not making any money from the “8-Minute Abs” video, it just happens to be a product I have used, found success with and I want to pass this on. So let’s begin…

This video program is a super quick but highly effective way to get an excellent abdominal workout on a regular basis. 8-Minute Abs has been around for almost 15 years, and it is still one of the top-selling flat stomach workouts. Designed and lead by popular fitness trainer Jamie Brenkus, 8-Minute Abs is praised for both its simplicity and its success.

Why 8-Minute Abs Works Reason #1 – It’s fast yet thorough.

The 8-Minute Abs video covers all of the basics of a solid abdominal workout in just a few minutes. It has nine different flat stomach exercises: the basic crunch, the oblique crunch, toe touches, the reverse crunch, side crunches, push throughs, leg pushes, alternating curls and curls. Each exercise is done one right after the other, for just 45 seconds, and then your ab workout is done!

Why 8-Minute Abs Works Reason #2 – It’s easy to understand.

Jaime Brenkus does a thorough job of instructing you during the video. Although he goes from one exercise to the next quickly and efficiently, Brenkus describes proper form in terms that are easily followed, like “keep your lower back on the ground.”

Why 8-Minute Abs Works Reason #3 – It’s covers the whole shebang.

8-Minute Abs works on the entire abdominal region. If you’re just doing sit-ups to work your abs and get a flat stomach, you are missing out on the whole picture. The nine exercises in the 8-Minute Abs video don’t forget about the obliques and lower abs, two areas that are often left out of exercise programs.

Why 8-Minute Abs Works Reason #4 – It’s user friendly.

The atmosphere on the 8-Minute Abs video is not intimidating like some workout videos can be. The setting is a grassy area on the water, with Jaime Brenkus and two others doing the workout on mats. It is not overly contrived and has a friendly feeling that is comforting and encouraging rather than daunting.

Why 8-Minute Abs Works Reason #5 – The Results!

The best thing about the 8-Minute Abs workout is the results. Time and time again, people who exercise with 8-Minute Abs get the outcome they wanted – stronger, sexier, flat abs.