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It’s no secret that the waistlines of the American public are expanding— our fork and spoons are our best pieces of fitness equipment. You and I both know that we can do plenty of damage with those two weapons of mass expansion.

In the past few years, obesity of adults has risen to a whopping one out of two people. Bottom line…we’re eating TOO much food.Let’s face it, we overeat on a daily basis. Our food landscape has changed.  This world of fast food, restaurant food, prepared food, and mammoth portions of food make it difficult to keep a calorie count within a healthy range.  Studies have shown, over the past few decades, portion sizes of everything from pizza to bagels have inflated by an average of two to five times in America.unnamed-2

Supersizing has become the norm at restaurants, not just at fast food joints.  We all want a "bang for our buck” so it’s an easy marketing tool for restaurants to fill you up on cheap starches like bread, pasta, and rice, while keeping the perception that you’re getting heaping plates of food for your money.

Our lifestyles are partially to blame. Think about your own life right now:   Do you eat on the run, eat at your desk, or eat in front of the TV? Most of us take part in some, if not all, of these behaviors. We eat out an average of four nights per week.  And unless you have the budget to frequent swanky, nouvelle-cuisine restaurants where portions are very controlled, you're being overfed impossible-to-eat, abnormal portions.   This may sound unrealistic to you right now, but an appetizer is a true sensible portion size for your stomach.

There are certainly times in life when more is better than less, but NOT when it comes to ingesting food and drinks!  Too easily, we create too many occasions for consuming more calories than we need. An extra 7 ounces of meat is NOT A GOOD THING—3-4 ounces is plenty on every occasion!

I’m convinced the reason for Portion Distortion is that we don’t know what a single serving size of anything should look like.  And yet, controlling portion sizes may be the single most effective thing you can do to promote Lasting Leanness!

Researchers have found that overweight individuals who make the most effort to control their portion sizes are the most likely to lose weight and inches, and successfully adapt a Lean Lifestyle.

This not only promotes healthy portions of food, but also, ensures Lean Living that prevents inches from returning. Once you get a sense of proper serving sizes, you’ll be delighted with the changes you see in your body and the satisfaction you feel in your health. You’ll find that you can now control your weight, and balance your food budget without starving yourself of nutrition by going on fad diets.

We’re human—food shouldn’t be a punishment!

I’m going to show you how to eat the smart way—show you how to make your cake, and eat it too!

I truly believe that after a few short weeks, you’ll become a portion expert who's able to “eyeball” meals, or determine proper food quantity that enables you to make inch loss and weight control a non-issue in your life. You have to want to be lean more than you want to eat the wrong foods. Nothing tastes as good as Lean feels. It’s worth it to make some sacrifices controlling your portions and eating healthy!

Don’t get fooled by slick marketing.  There is no combination of foods that causes more fat and inch loss than another. Any fat loss diet, regardless of what it promotes, is designed to create a calorie deficit. It doesn’t matter if it’s low-carb, low-fat, or paleo—whatever diet plan out there—the reason why these diets work short term is by placing restrictions on foods or entire food groups, they automatically push you into a calorie deficit.

My advice is to steer clear of any plan that tells you to eliminate complete food groups. That’s a very unhealthy approach to becoming lean.

On the other hand, any food combination will make you gain weight and inches if it also contributes to a caloric surplus. It’s all about total calories—the equation. You’re either burning OR storing calories.

My Plate eliminates any guesswork. You don’t have to weigh, measure or count your calories –the Plate does it for you. Just Fill to the Rim…..and Trim.

Imagine An Easy To Use Tool That Safely Helps You Get Lean, Trim & Lose Weight In Less Than 15 Days… Without Going On a Diet, Using Dangerous Diet Pills Or Suffering Through Hours Of Strenuous Exercise?

Discover Exactly How This Simple Weight Loss Tool Has Already Helped Women Across The Country Lose 27, 40, 28, 37, even 150 pounds and 3 & 4 dress sizes But Most Importantly…  How It May Work For You Too…

Anything in life worth achieving is worth doing the work it takes to achieve it. However, this isn’t about will power. It takes WANT power!! You’re going to have to WANT to be firmer, leaner, healthier, and stronger. You’ll have to WANT more energy, WANT more vitality and WANT more confidence in your life. Are you ready to start believing it and saying it?   I know you are!!

This process of change happens slowly. By doing a little bit each day, you build on your lean lifestyle successes. By starting with just one or two goals, you easily ingrain new habits into your life—YOU WILL NOT FAIL.

Just Fill to the Rim…..and Trim.

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