Tip #1


Most of us have a fascination with scale—but not Lean people. When you think Lean you start to steer yourself away from

the scale trap. The scale can be the most discouraging and depressing part of your

healthy journey. Your weight can fluctuate every day—by as much as 3,4,5

pounds—and for reasons that are never completely known.  Geez—that's discouraging

for anyone! It could be the amount of sodium you’ve eaten that makes you retain water.

It could be the time of day, the temperature, or your day’s activities. All of these can

alter the numbers one way or another.  In reality, you could be getting frustrated over

something that’s not really accurate. You will Fail by the Scale!

Measuring Progress...Free from the Scale. Good health, looking shapely, and

becoming lean isn’t always measured in pounds.  Truly, your clothes are one of the best

indicators on how well you’re

As you know, it’s motivating when you feel the joyous sensation of putting on

those ‘fit jeans’ that you feel amazing in. Your jeans and clothes are a much more

effective and powerful measurement than the scale. They will absolutely tell you if your

body is changing in the right direction. It’s pure physics. When you exercise, your

muscles takes shape, your body transforms, becomes more contoured and tight, hence,

your clothes begin to feel looser.

The scale might not register this because you’ve been building lean muscle while you’re

exercising. Everyone thinks muscle weighs more than fat—this is not true. Five pounds

is five pounds. Five pounds of muscle equals five pounds of fat. However, muscle is

dense—muscle takes up less space in your body—so the scale will not reflect your

I want you to take out a pair of pants that fit snugly before you begin your new, lean

habits. Take a picture with you in them (or as much of you as you can squeeze into

them). In three short weeks, I want you to try them on again, noticing the way they fit.  A

little looser? Are you able to ease into them standing up, when before you had to sit (or

lie) down to yank them up your legs? This is a sure sign of progress towards a leaner

What about an old fitted shirt? Notice how it’s now a little loose around your waist or

arms? Also, look for improved muscle definition when you check out your body in the

mirror. All this is measured without that dreaded scale.

Positive Attitude + Healthy Nutrition Habits + Commitment to Exercise

=  Equals a Lean Body

— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 1