Tip #12


Eat about 20% below your current calorie level

For instance, if you’re eating approximately 1800 calories for the day, take your intake

down to approximately 1400 calories for the day. Plan to eat about the same number of

calories at each meal throughout the day. The total should be within your calorie range.

This ensures that you will tip that energy equation in the right direction without cutting

out your favorite foods. Your first task this week is to substitute, or get rid of something

you eat on a regular basis that isn't healthy for you.

You can find a substitute that's leaner, lower in calories, AND makes you happy. Can

you replace that donut with some whole wheat waffles and berries? Sure. Take some

time to find exchanges, and make them at every opportunity. Cutting calories here and

there really adds up, just like it did when you were eating them!

— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 12