Tip #16


‘So What’ days (we all have them ---so what )

A Slip is not a Fall. The fundamental question is not whether you should accept failure.

You have no choice but to expect it as a temporary condition on the path way of

progress. Rather, the question is how to anticipate failure and redirect resources to

grow from the experience. ATTITUDE  Your attitude will directly affect your weight loss

success. It is a constant battle between setbacks and making healthy choices. Every

time you make a nourishing choice, you progress. When you have a setback, and I

guarantee that you will have days when you’re not as healthy as you’d like ---dust

yourself off and get back on track.

Pick it up the next meal, next day, next week, etc…Over time, your attitude lets you

come back stronger and more determined. Eventually, your healthy choices exceed and

replace your setbacks.

You must understand that change is a marathon, not a sprint. Every time you make a

healthy choice, you have progressed. And to get lasting results you have to jump in

with both feet!

A Stumble is Not a Tumble. When you have these setbacks, you MUST realize that

this is normal, and that you have not failed. Just dust yourself off and look forward to the

many new days you have to correct this setback. If you wander off your program for a

day or a week—just wander back.


It’s completely realistic not to be perfect every day on your diet or miss a day working

out. These are mistakes that you can correct.  Come back stronger and more

determined the next meal, the next day, the next week—don’t put yourself down. You

must understand that every time you make a healthy choice, you have progressed.


Take Action Now. Success is not a spectator sport - achievement demands action.

You cannot expect to arrive at success without having made the trip. Every time you eat

a healthy meal or spend a few minutes doing exercises -will get you closer to your goal.

You need to act on it now and soon it will become a habit.

Progress rather than Perfection. When you do, your mindset will quickly

change–you’ll gain confidence and momentum with each new day. And because this is

a game you can win, you’ll enjoy one victory after another. You will free yourself from

living in The Void, that state of mind which leaves so many feeling incomplete and

disempowered. When you approach your transformation with this new perspective, you

will soon see that your progress is your success!


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 16