Tip #2


The keys to long-term weight/inch loss are found in 3 simple steps……..

1 Reducing calories with the foods you love

2 Burning calories through movement

3 Thinking lean for life-gathering encouragement

Lean Strategies

Each week we want you to implement 3 of the following Lean strategies

I will eat one meatless meal per week

I will keep the freezer full of frozen vegetables

I will eat the fruits and vegetables off my plate first

I will double up on my dinner vegetables

I will have a salad for lunch instead of fries

I will limit my portions of high calorie foods such as ice cream or cake

I will dip my fork in salad dressing and other condiments

I will eliminate one “Empty Calorie “ food choice per day

I will eat fruits instead of sweets

I will not nibble while preparing food or when putting it away

I will stop eating before I feel full

I will divide up single serving portions ahead of time, in sealable bags

I will read the packaging for the serving size and eat only one

I will choose fat-free or 1% dairy products

I will include a green vegetable on my plate every day

I will skip seconds and get out the Tupperware.

I will drink a glass of water BEFORE each meal

I will not snack when watching TV

I will choose a low-fat or lean protein at all meals

— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 2