Tip #25


Forget about Perfection. This notion doesn’t exist. Over the years of training, I’ve seen far too many great people give up on themselves because they simply couldn’t see how terrific they were progressing towards a lean lifestyle.  I worked with one client who had lost 2 pants sizes over a period of just 8 weeks—a wonderful success. However, her goal in mind was to develop a perfect body, like the Sports Illustrated models. This became her sole obsession, and each workout she would comment that “I’m not there yet.” She didn’t take the time to notice that she was transforming herself into a healthy, lean person. In her mind, she still didn’t meet this ideal of perfection. And despite her transformation of inch loss, she convinced herself she was failing, and in less than a three month period….she quit. YIKES !  The NME won. (Negative Mind Exchange)

When you shift your focus in this way, what you’ll notice—and this is a very important point—is that you will begin measuring your progress in the Process, and not just in the results.  

Now is the time to begin focusing on Progress rather than Perfection. When you do, your mindset will quickly change—you’ll gain confidence and momentum with each new day.

And because this is a game you can win, you’ll enjoy one victory after another. You will free yourself from living in the NME, that state of mind which leaves so many feeling incomplete and disempowered. When you approach your transformation with this new perspective, you will soon see that Your Progress is your Success!

Set a NEW and different goal- What do I mean by different? I mean something that you have not chosen in the past and is fresh and exciting. Something that is new to you and different than any other goal you have chosen in the past. encourage you to take that goal a step further and make it more exciting….. Taking updated family photos to use around your house……Participating in a walk/run for charity……Wearing an article of clothing you would never wear before, like a tank top, sleeveless shirt, short skirt, or tight sun dress.


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 25