Tip #27


80/20 Rule   (keys to your success—don’t have to be perfect)

Practice the 80/20 rule.  If you choose a food that’s going to get you closer to your goal 80% of the time—you will have success. You don’t have to be perfect— that’s not realistic.  Try to eat 3 meals daily and 1-2 planned snacks, keeping in mind your total calorie range. Don't eat mindlessly!  Keep all of your attention on the food you're enjoying. Take your time, and really enjoy every bite.

Think Progress...not Perfection. Let go of the need to be perfect. Nobody's perfect. Healthy, Lean living and perfection, can’t be in the same sentence for you to be successful. There are times when we will indulge in our favorite foods, or truly don’t have time for exercise, but this is all a part of living. LIFE HAPPENS!  You shouldn’t punish yourself for living. Perfection, and many times the guilt that follows, will keep most of us from our goals—especially if our goals are measured by the scale.  I NEED you to SCALE DOWN.


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 27