Tip #28


Living Lean for Life (putting it all together)

The Lean Living Progress in Action. When you follow my Lean plan, inch loss is a natural result. It will take time, but it’s promised to work. Instead of obsessing over the scale, here’s how you develop your own daily victories of lean motivators:


  • "I’m a success if I can count 5 or more fruits and vegetables I’ve eaten today."


  • “I’m a success because I got up a few minutes earlier today and did my daily fitness workout.”


  • I’m a success because it’s been three months since I’ve weighed myself—and I dropped three pants sizes.”


  • I’m a success because I had a donut this morning, and it didn’t make me think that I failed; I had a healthier meal at lunch.”


  • “I’m a success because I didn’t compare myself to the newly-crowned Miss America.  I don’t have to be perfect.”


  • "I’m a success if I carved out enough time to walk my 10,000 steps today."


  • "I’m a success because I listened to my feeling of fullness and ate only 3 ounces of steak, rather than 8 ounces."


  • "I’m a success because with each meal today I made sure that I had a lean protein choice."


  • "I’m a success because every snack I ate today was healthy and low-calorie, but high quality…Greek yogurt, an apple, and some delicious fresh carrots."


  • And finally, "I’m a success today because every time I sat down to eat, I asked myself, ‘Is this food choice going to get me closer to my goal or move me further away ?”


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 28