Tip #31


Watch your ‘Body’ Language. I’ve learned, working with thousands of clients one on one over the years, that most people choose to see the negative aspects about themselves, rather than the positive...especially when it comes to their bodies.

Why would you intentionally do this to yourself? I don’t think you would if you knew you were demolishing your chances for success. What can you do about it? First, be honest. Take a close look at your thoughts, and see if you can identify what elements are playing a role in your battle with your body. You have the power, and will change and transform— TODAY!

You can heighten your chances of ending this combat with your body by creating a Lean Living lifestyle—NOW.

Years and years of this N-M-E tend to erode your hopes and ability to progress.

Positive Direction. There are many everyday indicators that will show you your new-designed look. Let’s try a few simple things that will help you shift your thought gears ….

Attractivate. Please take care of all aspects of your body—your teeth, nails, hair, eyes, skin, etc…We all love instant gratification.  There are a few things that you can change immediately to make you feel more attractive right now.

Think how good you feel, and remember that feeling of joy after going to your hair stylist or barber—its fresh, it’s stylish, it gives you a little pep in your step. Ladies, go and get your nails done—it's an easy fix. Or go to the dentist and get your smile worked on. Go get a new pair of stylish glasses. These ‘mini victories’ are important in the process. Reward yourself—it makes you appreciate your commitment to your healthy image. Don’t tease yourself with the “if-then” syndrome. If I lose these unwanted inches, then I’ll go buy a new outfit. Do It NOW !

Clearer Mirror or (Don’t Fear the Mirror). Go in front of a mirror today and look at yourself, and note the segments of your body that you feel are appealing to you. C’mon,I know there’s a part of your body that makes you feel attractive ! Start thinking of your body as something special that deserves your great care and attention. We tend to focus most of our attention on the parts we’re not fond of—shame on us !  Imagine yourself successful—and you’ll be successful. Imagine yourself a failure—and the N-M-E appears—guess what? you’ll probably fail.

The Mind's Eye. Take a moment right now to shut your eyes and dream what you want to realistically look like. Visualize yourself Lean. Go ahead…it’s free, it’s fun and it's fantastic to let go and envision the future. Keep in mind, when you think of beauties like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch—these women were not waif-like.  They had shoulders, breasts and hips, and are considered the sexiest women ever seen. Don’t be caught up with these air-brushed celebrities and models that may starve themselves to thinness…they’re NOT healthy. Yet, media images continue to bombard us with cellulite-free thighs, rock-hard abs, and flat tummies that create unreasonable, expectations and leave us feeling inferior—as though we'll never measure up.

Look for a few people that you can turn to for positive inspiration who are non-judgmental about their bodies, or the appearance of others. You’ll be surprised how liberating this is for you, and how it lessens the pressure of trying to compete with the next body that walks by.


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 31