Tip #32


Mind muscle—It's all in your head. Being successful starts in your mind. Try to imagine yourself smacking into a huge red STOP sign every time you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself or your situation. You will be forced to take another direction...you can then choose a positive one. You need to eliminate the self destructive SINKING THINKING—it only brings you down. This takes plenty of practice. This is not going to be easy, but it can happen instantly (if you want it).

Self talk—be careful who’s listening—it might be YOU. We’ve spent a lifetime of fault finding and condemning ourselves over our fallen goals. We can be our own worst critics and harshest judges. We can do more damage with our thoughts than anyone else by beating ourselves up with that powerful little voice in our head.


Hurtful phrases like:

  • I can’t do this -It’s not going to work
  • I won’t stick with it-I never do
  • There’s no way, it’s too hard
  • I’m too fat
  • I hate my thighs
  • I have a big butt
  • I don’t have any willpower

When we say these negative statements to ourselves they usually stop our action plans so we normally don't move forward with our positive, Lean habits.

Change Your Language...Say the RIGHT Things to Yourself. Retrace your thoughts…mentally retrace your steps, and work your way back into thinking positive. Try to figure out what your feelings were before the negative words.  Was it doubt?  Was it guilt?  Was it anxiety or frustration?


When you experience an unpleasant feeling or emotion towards your body…

  • Take it for what it is
  • Think about it
  • Try to understand it

And then MOVE ON!!!

So, let’s see how this works in real life. You say to yourself:  “I can’t eat healthy—it’s too hard with my schedule, I’ll never regain my shape.”

Your Retracing steps tell you:  “Wait a second, here I go again.  What am I feeling right now? What caused this negative talk? The last time I tried to get in shape wasn’t the best experience for me. I guess I’m anxious about getting my hopes up again, and then failing. I felt so disappointed in myself last time. Guilty is a better word.”

The Live Lean Rethinking Plan: “Well, who says the same thing has to happen again?  Right now, I want to make a change.  I’m tired of feeling this way about myself. I know what I need to do, and I believe I’m capable of doing it. I can make steps towards a healthier nutrition plan that I can stick with. I’m going to go forward, try my best, and take one day at a time. I don’t have to be perfect with my eating. If I blow it, it’s no big deal—I'll just keep trying. I’m not going to let my past fears control me. I’m in this for the long run.  THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT!” 

Change Your Tune. We want you to think of this process like an old record.  You can keep playing the same broken record reliving past problems, past failures, past mistakes; all of which, fuel negative self-feelings and frustrations.  Or, you can choose to put on a new record, one that makes you feel good about you and the Process.

This is a mindset that allows you to steer clear of the NME, while enjoying ever-increasing levels of true self-confidence, self-worth, and fulfillment.

The key is creating a game we can win. How do we win so we can feel confident and empowered every day? Well, that happens when we make this dramatic MIND SHIFT where we surrender the pursuit of perfection, and instead focus on progress. To do that we must stop measuring ourselves by what we haven’t accomplished and start paying attention to what we have. You’re the conductor—Start playing your new tune !

It’s a Promise that works.

The new record has a framework for success and a winning feeling, which will help you do better each day and get you one step closer to your goal. Bottom line, if you don’t like the music, you must change the tune !!


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 32