Tip #33


Think Lean for Favorites.

Remember those yummy desserts that your family used to serve during holidays of the decadent potato salad that Aunt Jayne made in the summer.

The problem is that sometimes family favorites aren't as healthy as they could be. But with a few changes to the recipe and cooking methods, you can still stick to your lean lifestyle and enjoy the tastes you love while cutting out excess fat and calories.

Go nonstick: A nonstick pan can reduce the need for fat when you sauté.

Reach for the broth: Sauté vegetables in low-sodium vegetable or chicken stock for great flavor minus the fat.

Soak up the flavor: Leaner cuts of meat can be less tender. Use a low-sodium marinade to add flavor and help tenderize.

Spray, don't pour: Coat pans and baking dishes with cooking-spray butter, margarine, or oil.

Strip the skin: Cut calories by always removing the skin from poultry and trimming visible fat off meat.

Switch tactics: Bake, boil, grill or broil meats and other foods you'd normally fry.

Cut back: Cut the amount of cheese and other fatty ingredients in your favorite recipes by one half, or replace them with low-fat versions.

Go vegetarian for a day: Replace meat in dishes with beans or meat substitutes like tofu or vegetable proteins.

Slow cook: Use a slow cooker to turn lean meats, vegetables, and beans into delicious soups, stews, and casseroles without adding fat.

Spice things up: Add flavor but not fat to foods with dried and fresh herbs and spices. From the sweet and citrusy flavors of basil and lemongrass to the distinctive flair of cilantro to the richness of curry, a world of flavor awaits your tastebuds.

Get saucy: Try replacing some or all of the fat in baking recipes with applesauce.

Get to know yogurt: Replace the sour cream on your table with low-fat plain yogurt. It makes a great topping for baked potatoes.


And remember, no matter what you're cooking or baking at home, always keep portion control in mind when you sit down to eat it. Moderation is a key to success!


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 33