Tip #36


Getting More Active in Your Day

Exercise is accumulative --a little here -a little there-- it all adds up. We want you to try an increase your activity throughout the day. You may be surprised how easy this is.

Here's a few tips that will help you.

While you're At home:

  • Push the baby in a stroller.
  • Get the whole family involved—enjoy an afternoon bike ride with your kids. This is a great bonding time .
  • Walk up and down the soccer or softball field sidelines while watching the kids play.
  • Walk up the stairs at least a few times per day. Take two steps at a time to work those buns!
  • Walk the dog—don’t just watch the dog walk. Your dog looks forward to this and it’s a fun way to stay active.
  • Clean the house or wash the car. Don’t forget to provide some extra ”elbow grease” when cleaning
  • Mow the lawn with a push mower.
  • Plant and care for a vegetable or flower garden. I guarantee you’ll be doing plenty of squatting motions to weed those roses
  • Play with the kids—tumble in the leaves, build a snowman, splash in a puddle, or dance to your favorite music. Be a kid again –let loose and have fun –it’s invigorating
  • Stop using the drive-thru at the bank, dry cleaner, etc… Park your car, get out and do your errand.
  • Join a walking group in the neighborhood or at the local shopping mall.

While At work:

  • Use the furthest restroom or wastebasket. You may think this is trivial, but every little bit counts
  • Get off the bus or subway one stop early and walk the rest of the way
  • Replace a coffee or smoke break with a brisk 10-minute walk. Ask a friend to go with you. If you add up all the time that you take breaks hanging out with co-workers - just think of the fitness that you could accumulate
  • Get out of your seat at least a few times during the hour and stand up to talk. make it a point to stand during your conference calls or if you read emails
  • Join the office softball or bowling team. This not only builds muscles–it builds friendships
  • Have a question for a fellow employee -then walk to their desk instead of calling them on the phone or emailing them.

While Visiting Friends or Relatives:

  • Don’t just sit yourself down and expect to be waited upon - get up and help. Take their pet out for a walk. Wash the dishes and offer to help clean up
  • Before anyone gets up in the morning –go for a walk.
  • Take the kid’s for a hike in the afternoon. The kids need an activity break and it might give your host a break as well
  • Tour the city –by foot or bike. Go to the city’s downtown or Main Street. Even if you shop, you’re still moving
  • We recommend that you always keep a pair of tennis shoes in your car. Be prepared for any activity by wearing walking shoes or at least comfortable shoes you can walk in.

— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 36