Tip #38


No Time to Dine? No Problem.  As we know, life happens, so there will be days or nights when we just don’t have time to eat.

So, here’s a few quick meals to have when you’re on the go:

  • Peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with a glass of milk and an apple.
  • Smallest fast food burger—with ketchup & mustard, and a diet drink. Then when you get home—have an apple or carrots.
  • Pre-cooked chicken strips and microwaved broccoli topped with a little cheese.
  • A healthy frozen entrée with a salad and glass of milk.
  • Scrambled eggs with a vegetable of your choice and whole wheat toast.
  • Frozen vegetables microwaved topped with Parmesan cheese and 2 Tablespoons of chopped nuts.
  • Pre-bagged salad topped with canned tuna, with a little cheese, tomatoes and matchstick carrots.


— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 38