Tip #5


It's about Time.... (Fitting in Fitness)

More exercise is not the answer ---smart exercise is the answer !

Some years ago, I designed the fitness videos for the very popular, 8 MINUTE ABS

series. It resonated with a very large population because it was the first “time oriented”

workout video. If you remember, back in the mid 1990’s, every organization or fitness

guru was professing that you had to work out an hour a day––A DAY! That concept just

didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now.

We all live hurried, hectic lifestyles and race around to fit in everything we want to do.

Think about your own life right now: isn’t physical activity the first thing you push aside

when you’re busy? A zillion other things besides fitting in fitness become your priorities.

However, you still desire having a great body. So, that’s the bad news.

Now, the good news: fitness is cumulative! A little here, a little there. According to The

American College of Sports Medicine, and various other organizations, you can get

great benefits by doing shorter bouts of fitness at a time.

For the past 29 years, I’ve worked with clients who have busy schedules, and most of

them share the same goals: lose some weight and inches, and, firm and tone their

bodies. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to torture your body in order for your

body to respond. Consistency beats Intensity any day. If you can work out with me 8

minutes every day–that’s almost an hour a week–not an hour a day–that’s a great start.

Rethink Your Definition of Exercise. If you are truly strapped for time, then I

encourage you to rethink your definition of exercise.  Many people get stuck in the trap

of thinking that exercise means running or walking 3 miles, or going to the gym for 60

minutes.  While that may be ideal, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to think about

exercise, nor is it practical, given everyone’s time-crunched lifestyle.

56 Minutes…a Week. There are 168 hours in each week. I’m confident with the way

I’ve designed this program that it’s possible to see remarkable results by performing

less than one hour per week of fitness.

Now, let me break this down even further to illustrate why you DO HAVE TIME to fit

fitness into your busy schedule. There’s 1440 minutes in a day, or a whopping 10,080

minutes in each week. All I’m asking you for is 8 minutes of your time every day, or 56

minutes per week to make a difference in your life that you want. You owe it to yourself

to give yourself those 8 minutes. However, I want you to understand that it’s just not

any 8 minutes that will do the job.

Self-talk and Exercise-When you work out, what messages are running through

your head? How you think about exercise greatly influences how you feel about it —

and how likely you are to stick with your program. If your self-talk during exercise is all

negative, your experience with exercise will be negative, too.

Do any of the following thoughts sound familiar?

  • I don't like exercise.
  • I'm not a natural athlete.
  • I'll never get better at this.
  • Everyone is looking at me.
  • I missed a workout, so I may as well give up.
  • I'm too tired for this.
  • I'm never going to reach my goal.
  • If I exercise, I'll feel exhausted afterward.

If any of these — or any other — negative messages come to mind during your workouts, try replacing them with the following positive thoughts:

  • I will keep trying until I find an activity I enjoy.
  • My body is made to move.
  • I will gain skill over time.
  • Others can think what they like — I won't let it stop me.
  • I may have missed a workout, but I can get back on track today.
  • I'm tired, but I'll aim for as many minutes of exercise that I can manage and then see how I feel.
  • I can and will reach my goal.
  • After I exercise, I really feel good about myself.

This week, pay attention to the thoughts you're having during exercise- and focus on

replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Doing so will make your workouts more

productive and enjoyable.

Remember, it’s only 8 minutes –you deserve to spend that much time on yourself

…you’re worth it !

— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 5