Tip #50


How Many Of These Foods Do You Think Are Healthy?

I’m taking you with me into the grocery store to uncover 19 of the most deceiving food labels. You’re about to be schooled. Try not to fall for this marketing hype.

If you want to avoid all 19 of these foods…simply stick the outside edges of the grocery store and avoid the middle aisles. 


  1. Cereal filled with sugar and chemicals being promoted as a good source of “Vitamin D”
  2. Cereal being promoted with a higher amount of “Protein”, BUT over 55% of the advertised protein comes from dairy milk, NOT the actual cereal.
  3. Cereal being promoted as a good source of protein, BUT the protein comes from cheap, lower quality soy.
  4. Cereal high in sugar and chemicals being promoted as a “good source of fiber”.
  5. Fiber/Protein bars”filled with chemicals, sugar, and low grade protein.
  6. Fruit Bars “Made With Real Fruit Filling”that mainly contain chemicals and sugar. I had a hard time finding any fruit.
  7. Soda with “Natural Flavors”. When I looked it was mainly artificial sweeteners and chemicals.
  8. “Vitamin Water”. Second ingredient, yes you guess it: SUGAR. 32g worth.
  9. Potato chips promoting “0g Trans Fat”per serving. According to FDA rules, food companies can round down. So if the food contains 0.4g  of trans fat per serving, it’s marketed as 0g. However, if you eat 5 servings worth of chips (which happens all the time, that would equal 2g of trans fats.
  10. Crackers promoted as being “Made With Whole Grains”…yet it’s also filled with other fillers and junk.
  11. Candy being promoted as made with “Real Fruit”. See #6.
  12. Cherry “Juice Blend”…looks like it’s only made with cherries, but it’s really just a blend with other cheaper fruit juice fillers.
  13. “Whole Wheat”processed Mac & Cheese from a box … do I really need to say anymore more?
  14. “No Sugar Added”pudding. Just a lot of artificial sweeteners and other science experiments.
  15. Frozen chicken “Made With Whole Chicken”…and a whole lot of other fillers. I’ll just cook my own chicken breasts thanks.
  16. Frozen dinners using the word“Healthy”. Just because something is lower calorie, doesn’t make it healthy. Read the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, or doesn’t come from plants or animals…put it back.
  17. “Organic”food. Just because it’s organic, doesn’t make it healthy. If the second ingredient is sugar, say no.
  18. “High Protein” “Nutritious Energy”drinks. That many ingredients that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” couldn’t even pronounce is never a good thing.
  19. “Gluten Free”foods loaded with sugar and other chemicals. I may be repeating myself, but I guess I have too!


Read ingredient labels first. If you see more than 5 ingredients, especially ingredients you can’t pronounce, in most cases it’s not a good thing. Stick to the outside aisles. Fill your cart with foods that don’t even have an ingredients label.

— Jaime Brenkus Health Tip 50